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History of Rugby

Beginnings of Rugby in Germany

Rugby was first introduced in Germany in the 1800s by British students atending privte grammar schools or studiying in Heildelberg and other British men who in were  Hanover completing their military services. Rugby began to gain popularity in the 1850s at Neuenheim College (now called Heidelberg College) in Heidelberg.

Early Days of Rugby

In 1872 with the help of a teacher named Edward Hill Ullrich, students at at Neuenheim College created the first rugby club in German. They named it “Heidelberger Ruderklub von 1872” and is now the oldest club in Germany. In 1900, the German Rugby Federation was created. In the same year the German international team won a silver medal in the Olympics. Then in the 1930s they were able to beat France twice. As the Nazi party came to power, rugby began to loose its popularity and support because the Nazis considered rugby to be too “English” of a sport. Also many of the rugby players fought and died in the war. At the end of World War II, rugby had nearly completely diminished.

Silver medalist German rugby team in the 1900 Olympic Games

Post WW II

After the war, rugby began to come back. However with Germany divided in two, it was more difficult. Both the East and the West had their own teams. On May 14, 1950 the DVR (Deutscher Rugby-Verband) was reestablished in West Germany. Once the country was reunified in November of 1989, Rugby continued to grow and still is.

Current Day

Current Day Despite the many difficulties such as the depression during the 1930s, WW II, and the country being divided for nearly 30 years, Rugby is becoming more and more popular around the country, especially in schools. Many new clubs are being made every year. In Germany there are currently 99 clubs. In the national rugby league, there are currently eight German teams. In 2009 the German international team was ranked 19th in the world.

Modern day rugby ball

Heidelberger Ruderklub von 1872, which is the oldest rugby club in Germany, and still remains one of the dominant teams in the DVR.


Deutscher Rugby-Verband- German Rugby Federation

Bundesliga- Premier league

Erfolgreicher Versuch- A try

Gedränge- Scrum

Punkte- Points

Straftritt- Penalty kick

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