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Intro to Nuremberg

Nurember is located in southern Germany. It was founded nearly 1,000 years ago, with the first documentation of Nuremberg being 16 July, 1050. It is the second largest city in Beveria with 500,000 citizens. The city has an area of 186.5 kilometers with the River Pegnitz dividing the city into the northern and southern halves. It surroundings is characterized by its' beautiful landscapes; in the north is the Franconian Jura, in the southwest is the Franconian Lake District, and in the east is the Franconian Mountains. The population is reliant on the procted forest area within and outside of the city, which is a source for fresh vegetation.

City History

After World War I (WWI), Hitler came into power and started bringing Germany together. He formed huge rallies in Nuremberg and Bavaria for both adults and children to attend. This is where his power rose from and his well-known speaking skills/speeches began. These rallies would be held every September in which they would: have torchlight marches, honor fallen Nazis, military-style parades, and a chance for citizens to see the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, in person. Many Germans looked forward to the rallies and would leave the events with an ever stronger support for the Nazi's and everything they stood for. They considered these events to be a religious-like experience.

As World War II (WWII) was coming to an end and the Allies were expected to win, the last thing to occur was the destruction of Germany. Nuremberg was Hitler's favorite city and of all the cities in Germany it was considered the “most German”. This was a perfect target for the Allies to begin their bombings. On the night on January, 2nd 1945, over 500 British bombers destroyed most of the city. Included in this destruction was the Nuremberg Castle, which is shown in the picture above. The Allies showed no mercy in the bombing and at the time was the most devastating and had the highest death toll of Germans. The following statement is a piece from the Royal Air Force Bomber Command 60th Anniversary: Command Diary. 2/3 January 1945.

“The centre of the city, particularly the eastern half, was destroyed. The castle, the Rathaus, almost all the churches and about 2,000 preserved medieval houses went up in flames. The area of destruction also extended into the more modern north-eastern and southern city areas.The industrial area in the south, containing the important MAN and Siemens factories, and the railway areas were also severely damaged. 415 separate industrial buildings were destroyed. It was a near-perfect example of area bombing.”

Almost immediately after WWII had concluded, the Allies (USA, Soviet Union, France, and UK) put up the high ranking members of the Nazi party up for trial politically and judicially. Twenty-two of the twenty-four accused of these war crimes went on trial first, which were made up of Nazi top politicians, party functionaries, military, and technocrats. It would be known as the Nuremberg Tribunal. They were prosecuted for three things: 1. Crimes against peace. 2. War crimes. 3. Crimes against humanity. The sentencing was given September 30th and October 1st, 1946: twelve were sentenced to death by hanging, three were acquitted, three were sentenced to life in prison, and four were sentenced between ten to twenty years of prison.

Places To Visit

Nuremberg is rich with history and endless things to do throughout the town. Today, it has one of the largest tourist draws.

The Nuremberg Castle has since been restored since the bombing in WWII and is a very popular place for tourist to go to today. It is located in the heart of Nuremberg and is one of the most popular to take a picture of because of its beauty.

Many people are drawn towards the gigantic Nuremberg Colosseum. Hitler planned the creation during WWII and was designed for the Nazi party rallies. Even though it was very fully finished, it was designed to be 1,5 times the size of the Roman Colosseum. Today, it is used as a documentation center where they have many things involving the Nazis.

The Zoo in Nuremberg is one of the most popular for tourist to visit. It is one of the biggest zoo's to visit in Europe and has a great landscape. It is a lot of fun for children to go and have fun for a day.


Fascist Stripped Classical (German)

This style was very popular during the Nazi's reign. The Zeppelinfield and the Nuremberg Colosseum were two of the buildings that were designed with this architecture style. Both buildings were designed by Albert Speer. Albert Speer was Hitler's first architect and helped design most of the Nazi's buildings you see today in Germany. The goal of this style was to show Hitler's authority and influence Nazi beliefs.


die Geschichte - history

die Einwohnerschaft - population

die Nationalsozialistische Deutsche ArbeiterPartei (NSDAP) - The National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi Party)

Zweiter Weltkrieg - World War Two

die Zerstörung - the destruction


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