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Fritz Lang is credited as being one of the best film makers of all time. Fritz Lang is very famous for his work in German expressionist film had a strong interest in the human mind and übermensch (meaning superhuman or “an extraordinary individual who transcends the limits of traditional morality to live purely by the will to power” ( Expressionism is the use of imagery and symbolism to indicate a deeper meaning behind the film. Expressionist films were very popular after WW1 due to the fact that they often had included symbolism about the failing economy of Germany at the time.

Lang and his famous monocle

Lang working on set

His work

Lang made dozens of movies in his life. He directed in France, Germany and America. Regardless of where he worked though his work in Germany stands out as his best some of his early German work include Die Spinnen (The Spiders), Spione( Spies) and this movie most people know it as Destiny, but the original German name is (Der Müde Tod) (The Weary Death). Two movies that truly stuck out in Lang's career however were Metropolis and M.

Metropolis is one of the most expensive silent movies of all time and actually bankrupted the studio Lang worked for. (archive.sencesofcinema)


LLang's M is considered his masterpiece and gave rise to the genre we now know as psychological thrillers. M is the story of a serial child killer who manages to avoid police and starts to interfere with the “business” of the German underground due to the increase in police activity causing them to join the hunt as well. M is truly an amazing piece of German film with Lang's incredible attention to details when it comes to the lighting, sound and scenery of this movie all working together to help truly capture the feeling of the film. Lang's Music choice was simply genius instead of using big overly dramatic music to build up the scenes with the killer, he uses the song the killer whistles “hall of the Mountain King” ( composed by Edvard Grieg) to build up tension and to symbolize when the killer is being tormented by his mind and when he plans his next murder. Lang also stays true to the German expressionism style with his use of dark and gloomy lighting and scenery to truly engross his audience. Lang is truly amazing every single piece of his film is designed to convey deep meanings behind them and to envelope the audience in the thrill ride that is this movie even though it's not exactly apparent on the outside.

M is considered Lang's Master piece and has had a huge impact on not only German film but on American film makers as well such as Alfred Hitchcock and his film Psycho.

Peter Lorre does an incredible job with his role as serial killer in M with his vivid facial expressions that induce emotions like no other.


Die Spinnen- The Spiders

Spione- Spies

Der Müde Tod- The Weary Death

übermensch- superhuman


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