Law Enforcement in Germany

In Germany, the police force, or polizei, is a civil and national judicial system that allows its citizens to have a great sense of security in their own country. The local police force is called the Landespolizei and it was officially established in 1871 during the original unification of Germany. Unlike many countries, they do federal police force, such as the United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation, but its notoriety is not as known. Just like many western nations, they follow similar enforcement policies. Some of the states also try to make the citizens a more involved part of protecting their states by creating a strong neighborhood watch or volunteer police force. The neighborhood watches are popular in Bayern, Baden-Württemberg, and Hessen. There are four major branches of the public police system, which include Die Kripo (Kriminalpolizei), Schupo (Schutzpolizei), Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), and the Bundesgrenzschutz.

Branches of the Police system

Kriminalpolizei is the higher level police officers who work on larger criminal charges, such as murder and robbery. This is an equivalent to the detectives that can be found in American police offices.

The Schutzpolizei are the street police officers that try to cut down on local traffic problems and minor public disturbances. This can be compared to the “beat” or “vice” police officers in the United States.

The Bundesgrenzschutz is the nation's border patrol. They keep the borders under control, but they are having some difficulty in securing the borders to the east since the Berlin Wall fell and Germany's reunification began.

The Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) are the members involved in the highest police related problems which consist of federal crimes, and cover crimes just like the FBI Their main focus are high offences against the states or the country itself. The majority of cases they work on involve things such as bank robbery, kidnapping, counterfeiting, and other white collar crimes and offences.

Involvement with Interpol

The Bundeskriminalamt are the officials that are involved with providing national security to the country and her citizens, and their most official area is being involved with Interpol.

The BKA has the jurisdiction to conduct investigations relating to:

  1. International trafficking in weapons, ammunition, explosives or drugs;
  2. Internationally organized production or exchange of counterfeit currency;
  3. Internationally organized money laundering;
  4. Internationally organized terrorism;
  5. Serious cases of computer sabotage.

Responsible for all serious crime investigations, the BKA also helps its national law enforcement partners in:

  1. Forensic identification and sciences;
  2. Research and criminal analysis;
  3. Criminology and criminal investigation;
  4. Researching and developing new police methods;
  5. Developing new working methods aimed at suppressing crime. [source]

The Bundeskriminalamt is stationed in Wiesbaden, Berlin, and Meckenheim. This police force has over 5,500 people working in order to provide safety and order to the country.


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