The industry sector of Siemens is one the worlds leading innovators. One of the focuses of the industry sector is industry automation, or the ability to create comprehensive controls and software that allow for more efficient and flexible processes. Other areas that the industry sector focuses on are metals and drive technologies to create new ways and materials to help industrial businesses become more efficient and effective.


The energy sector of Siemens is the one that has been a constant factor in the companies long history. Trying to provide new ways to bring people energy to their homes and business, but also now with a very large focus on Eco-friendly sources. Siemens provides energy in a multitude of formats from older conventions such as oil and other fossil fuels, to the newer types such as offshore wind farms.

Health Care

Health Care is a something of a newer sector for Siemens, starting from their medical equipment background Siemens is now trying to provide a wide range of health care related things. Many of the services they provide are along the lines of giving people access to the high tech equipment they have developed to diagnosis and treat a wide range of ailments.

City & Infrastructure

The City and Infrastructure sector has stemmed from the energy sector, dealing mainly with creating the most energy efficient city layout. Much of this sector has to do with power distribution and the way large buildings in cities consume power. Another interesting facet of this sector is their ideas about transportation and lighting within a city.

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