There are about 3000 brothels in Germany, with about 300,000 prostitutes. That's twice the population of Naperville. The business averages 1 million clients per day. A popular pastime that allows for legalized and controlled consumption of sex. In Germany, prostitution does not have the same negative connotations as in the U.S. It is widely accepted, and the legalization prevents a lot of exploitation that keeping it illegal would produce.

It became legal in 2002, fairly recent. Legalizing prostitution increases health benefits of artisans. They are eligible for health insurance.

The legal age is 20. Some cities recommend condoms, others require them. Having brothels reduces the shadiness of 'picking up' prostitutes, and puts more thought and safeguards into enjoying this activity.

Prostitution brings in 14.5 Euros annually.

Prostitution is still looked down upon by many people in Germany, but the laws have made it more socially acceptable, accessible, and regulated. The hopes of legalizing prostitution were to decrease trafficking and increasing the rights and protections of prostitutes and clients.

The conditions in Germany are such that immigrants from across Germany flock in to be a part of the business. The price per service can range from $15 to $55 and even higher, making it affordable.

This business attracts clients from around the world.

Consumer Sex Culture

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