Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church located in Cologne, Germany.


The cathedral, although not in its present form, has been around since late Roman times and was where the first Christians assembled in Cologne. Over time, new buildings, each larger than the previous, have been built on the site.

In 1530, lack of money and interest stopped the improvements made to the building but it was large enough inside to still be used as a church.

In 1794, the cardinal and archbishop fled because of the troops of the French Revolution marching through Cologne. It was then only used as a warehouse and took until 1801 for it to be consecrated as a church again.

Around 1842, interest in the cathedral grew again leading to more improvements for the building. The improvements were funded by both the Prussian Treasury and the Zentral Dombau Verein which involved many of Cologne's citizens. The builders followed Medieval plans but did them with modern techniques.

The building survived 14 bombings during WWII. Much reconstruction has been done since then, making it in better shape now, but it will most likely be an “eternal construction site” in that not everything has been or will be fixed.

Some Significant Works


Dreikönigenschrein - The Three Kings Shrine

Gnadenbilder - Representations said to have miraculous powers

Kruzifix -Crucifix

Der Kölner Dom - The Cologne Cathedral

Zentral Dombau Verein - Central Cathedral Building Society


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