Gutenberg Bible

This was the first majorly printed book with movable type. Though not the first thing that the Gutenberg press printed, it is probably the most famous. This is where the press went from using 40 lines a page, to 42 lines a page, hence the other name for the Gutenberg Bible, the 42-line Bible. This is where the folio method was used, which was multiple pieces of paper, which were printed on both sides, were printed and folded into multiple pages to form a section. The pages themselves were either made from paper or vellum, which is high quality parchment. This is also one of the first uses of multiple inks being used, as some of the early pages were run through twice, once for black ink, the second for red. This practice was abandoned, however, to save time. But this did not stop the rubrication, or the creating of headings before each book of the Bible, was completed by hand. There was also decoration, but this depended on how much the customer would, or could, pay. This meant that there were copies that weren't decorated at all.

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