First Production of Der Ring des Nibelungen

Wagner was planning on using the Margrave Theatre in Bayreuth in Northern Bavaria. He liked that theatre so much because of the size of the stage. However, he was thoroughly disjointed in the size of the audience. Since he was already in Bayreuth, and he loved the location he decided to build his own theatre. He was able to raise the money to start the ambitious project. In 1871, Wagner was able to lay the corner stone to his new theatre, Festspielhaus. He was able to finish the theatre to the point where he could perform his opera. Unfortunately, the whole theatre was never finished. Wagner planned for it to be bigger and better, but the money ran out leaving him short of his dream. His theatre has a huge stage with a fanned out auditorium. Almost every seat has a great view of the stage, and the pit is completely under the stage making the audience not see them.

Pop Culture References

One of the more notable songs form Der Ring des Nibelungen called Ritt der Walküren was in the movie Apocalypse Now. The scene takes place when U.S. helicopters go to a village and start firing at them.

Warner Bro. Studios made What's Opera, Doc? in 1957. It borrowed heavily from the ring cycle and other Wagner operas. From the picture Bugs Bunny is portraying Brünnhilde.

Anna Russell has a famous analysis of Der Ring des Nibelungen. She discusses all four parts in approximately 22 minutes.

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