There are many who are not content with the exploitative sex culture. Protest groups march the Red Light districts of Germany to protest the commodification of the female body. A Ukranian protest FEMEN group is the most popular. They parade around topless to highlight the extremity of exploiting women.

Not only is prostitution bad in their opinion, it leads to trafficking and seeing women as objects.

Though this group clearly objectifies women to fight against objectifying women, they have given the world attention on this issue.

Many supporters of traffickers' rights want trafficked women to have full residency in Germany so as to avoid the fear of leaving their financial security. If an exploited prostitute leaves her pimp and gets deported, she is out of money and out of hope. Fighting for their right to remain in the country can protect them from self-inflicted imprisonment.

Police are also fighting to attack pimps and clients who exploit prostitutes in hopes that the craft can remain a choice of the women involved.

Consumer Sex Culture

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