Ravensbrűck Concentration Camp

Ravensbrűck was the largest concentration camp for women in the German Reich. The camp was constructed in November of 1938 near the village of Ravensbrűck in Northern Germany. This camp was considered a labor camp exclusively for women. The camp started with 900 prisoners which grew to about 132,000. Inmates were from 30 different countries and most were from Poland, Soviet Union, and Germany. These women varied from political prisoners, Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Criminals, “work-shy”, and “race defilers”. Only female guards were hired by the Nazis to oversee prisoners. Ravensbrűck was also a main training camp for female SS guards. They were trained on how to punish the prisoners and how to manage a group of prisoners while they were performing the labor. The camp was shut down in April 1945 after the second World War by the Russian Army. Yet, an estimated number of 92,000 died of starvation, execution, or weakness.

Camp Life


Dorothea Binz

Ravensbrűck Prayer


Foltern – To torture

Gaskammer – Gas chamber

Gefangener – Prisoner, captive

Glauben – Faith, belief

Frauen - women


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