The fall of the wall.

“Permanent emigration is henceforth allowed across all border crossing points between East Germany and West Germany and West Berlin. These were the words of Günter Schabowski, Politburo member and party chief for East Berlin that sent shockwaves throughout Europs. This ultimatly stated that people could travel once more and East Berlin and West Berlin could reunite once more.

After 28 years, the wall was torn down. Within minutes of the law enabling free travel, people ran to the nearest checkpoints to see it for them selves. Checkpoint 'Charlie' became one huge party where people from East and West Berlin were celebrating with each other. People were reunited with families and friends and began to mourn for those who died during those years. Within hours, the wall started to fall piece by piece as people started to reunify the once seperated city of Berlin. The West Berlin government gave a gift of 100 Marks to any East Berliner who wanted to see West Berlin to encourage the unification.

The fall of the wall signified the end of the Cold war, the reunification of Germany and the start to a new era in German history.

                                                  This was taken from the ISS. You can see an invisible line that runs across Berlin.
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