The life of Richard Wagner

Above is a picture of Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner was born in Leipzig, Germany on May, 22, 1813. His step-father, Ludwig Geyer, was an actor, and he helped introduce theatre to Richard. At the age of nine, Richard started learning piano. He was not the best at first, and he preferred to play theatre overtures by ear. He enrolled in the University of Leipzig when he was eighteen years old. He studied to be a musician and a playwrite. Then in 1833 at the age of 20, he wrote his first opera, Die Feen. Die Feen can be translated to the fairies. This opera never was performed in his life time, but his second opera, Das Liebesverbot, was performed in 1836. Unfortunately, it was shut down after it's first performance. Wagner finished his third opera in 1840. His newest opera, Rienzi, was accepted to play at the Dresden Court Theatre. He moved to Dresden in 1842, and they opera was a big success. He lived there for six years and he composed Der fliegende Holländer and Tannhäuser. Wagner was a political man. He was on the left-wing side of politics, and there was a uprising that he played a minor part in April 1849. He had to leave Germany because there was a warrant for his arrest. He lived in exile for the next twelve years of his life. He spent the beginning of his exile in Zürich. Then, he moved to Venice and Paris. It was this time in Zürich, he started on Der Ring des Nibelungen. Wagner's exile ended in 1862 when his warrant was lifted. Fortune hit his way, when King Ludwig II took the throne. King Ludwig enjoyed Wagner's music a lot, and he paid off Wagner's debts and staged some of his operas. Wagner was able to build his own theatre to perform Der Ring des Nibelungen. Wagner lived till he was 69 and died in Vienna.

Above is a picture of Wagner and King Ludwig II

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