Way to heaven is a 2004 play by the Spanish playwright Juan Mayorga.

The play is about a notorious incident in 1944 in which a delegate from the international Red Cross visited the Theresienstadt concentration camp. What they saw was a model cleaned up for their visit, and they were duped the Nazi camp officials into reporting to the world that conditions were good, and that they saw no evidence to support reports of mass murders.

In fact the Theresienstadt ‘camp-ghetto’ that existed for three and a half years November 24 1941 through May 9 1945 and it served three main purposes. !. It was a transit camp for Czech Jews into German killing camps. 2. It was a service point for foreign Jews that were captured by the Nazis. 3. It was used as a model for propaganda to fool the public that all these camps were, were camps for elderly Jews to retire in peace.

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