Martin Luther was very much a revolutionary in a social and religious sense. The most obvious being a revolutionary in the world of religion. By questioning the beliefs and posing questions on why things were the way they were cause a big change. Because of these ideas and questions he was posing the church was not ok with them. In the beginning he used secular rulers to take their side and reveal how the church was taking advantage of the people (12:45). They saw him as radical and a danger to the church. He faced violence and was excommunicated from the church, yet he was still determined to show and spread his ideas. He expressed his disagreements to the church and explained how there should not be a “middle man” meaning a priest should have to be the middle man in between God and the person (25:40). While his actions were directed toward religion it also socially made people question their beliefs and the way they carried themselves. Luther would use writing to display these beliefs and by spreading these writings he socially spread his ideas about the concerns of the church's religion.

Martin Luther had a lot of criticism on German society. He believe the church was controlling the lives of the people and that the people were consuming all of their energy on the church. He saw that the church was draining the money out of the individuals and that the German society was accepting it. The church was putting their fingers in every part of the German peoples lives and it was taking a toll. The church knew they had leverage of people because the church was seen to the people as the only way of salvation. To combat all this Martin Luther spoke out often endangering himself. He also wrote out the 95 Theses which was a list of the problems he had and saw in the church. This made a huge impact but also brought violence. Martin Luther did not want this violence but with these conflicting ideas it created tension that was to strong to keep peaceful. His attitude and his ideas attracted people. He explained his ideas about how the church should be and how it should be changed. He talked how in order to build you must destroy first. This put out a more aggressive tone. But it affected many peoples lives and it was effective. It was so effective people continued his work and created up rises against the church. Which resulted in reforms to society.

Even though the church did not like what Martin Luther stood for he still changed a lot of peoples lives and he changed the course of religion and history. This is why he was not only an icon in religion but in history itself. He opened up a whole new area that Germany, Europe, and the whole world had never seen. This translated into a new chapter in Germanys history. But it also created separation of views. People now are split within Christianity. The answer is being able accept other peoples views and respect them for it, I feel that Martin Luther never wanted violent conflict, he had an opinion and concern that he was entitled to.

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