Germany: The Wall that Divided

The Berlin was a tall intimidating structure that spanned for miles and miles. It was also a sign of struggle, a struggle for the freedom of Germany. Throughout history we have seen the difficult situations and times the German people have gone through and it is hard to realize the people in power were the ones causing all of this. It was the German citizens at the will of these powers. This documentary showed the effects the wall had on the people of Germany and others around the world. With the wall being built the German people grew stronger.

I had not realized how much the Berlin Wall had effected the German people. And I also did not realize how strong they really were. To go through all of this and not give up and to see the wall finally come down by the power of the people. This truly shows how strong and determined the German people were to get back their lives and their freedom. Right from the start of the film at about 1:00 it shows how the German people used their strength and determination to conquer and take down the Berlin Wall. They did not rely on another country or for the country to straighten out by themselves. They took the matter in their own hands and did not look back. This truly is inspiring and just shows how strong the people of a country can be. It also shows how durable the people of Germany were. They were able to weather the storm of the Soviets and keep in sight the light at the end of the tunnel. The movie displayed how nothing can hold back a the people and that even when the government thinks they have control they are far from right. The people always have the control whether the government believes it or not.

This also effected the United States. I believe the United States of America took a very controlled and supportive role. They also were very respective and understood the circumstances of the end of the Soviet rule in Germany. President Bush did not get ahead of himself and he showed his maturity in understanding the struggles would still go on while the wall came down and after the wall came down. At about 43 minutes it showed how many people rallied and supported the destruction of the wall. It not only was a unification of Germany but also other countries including the Unites States of America.

This documentary not only showed the struggles the German citizens went through but it also showed the strength of the German people. It showed how the German people always come together stronger and make the best out of the worst situations. A lot of countries can learn from Germany and how they handle situations. Im not saying Germany does not have any problems anymore but they take the best out the situations and learn from what happened in the past.

Bobby Jocson 502

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