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After watching the documentary, The Wall: A World Divided, I felt terrible for the people who were stuck in East Germany for so long, but relieved and excited that they were able to join together and escape. As the movement for reform gathered strength in East Germany, the numbers became too overwhelming for the East German military to keep order, so they were forced to open the wall for freedom. From this documentary, it can be learned that with enough participation towards a single goal, nearly anything can be achieved.

When the documentary began, I felt terrible for those people who were stuck in East Germany against their will. They did not agree with the governing style and would do just about anything to escape. I found it interesting how on the street where the wall was built, people of East Germany were not allowed to leave their house through the front door. (7:10). The escape story that hit me the most though, was about the man who worked in West Germany and his family was living in East Germany when the barrier was created (12:00). After many citizens had successful escapes, the military beefed up the wall and made it extremely difficult for people to escape. This stuck me as particularly unfair because I feel that the people of East Germany should have had the right to leave whenever they wanted as long it was for good reasons. The documentary also mentioned how the Stazi got involved which related to the documentary that we watched first term. I was able to better understand their role in the Berlin Wall this time around since I had a background on them.

When the East German leaders allowed churches to more freely express their beliefs without being punished by the government, I thought that this gave the people the chance to unite against what they thought was unfair treatment (29:00). As these meetings got more and more involved and popular, the citizens were beginning to think that they had a chance of convincing their government to change their policies on various issues. The first of these issues that the meetings addressed was the environmental issue. I thought this was very interesting because in class, we discussed how important the environment is to the Germans, and I found it cool that they would work so hard on this issue amongst everything else going on in the city. Once the meetings gained more supporters, and they started protesting, the government of East Germany did not stand a chance. These moments in history are proof that with enough supporters of one common goal, almost anything can be achieved. When people ban together against one party, the party almost has no choice to agree unless they want violence. When 70,000 people participated in a rally against the governmental oppression (42:00), the government realized that they must give in. On November 9th when the wall finally opened, the people peacefully left and not a single shot was fired. I thought that this spoke a lot about the German culture and how they unified peacefully against the government and got what was right.

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