Heresy was what was thought of the Works and 95 Thesis created by Luther.  I see Martin Luther as being iconic due to his honor and intelligence.
      Luther was a very influential person of his time.   Without any doubt, Martin Luther was the most important leader of the restructuring the
      connection of religion and social aspects of central Europe and especially in Germany.  His theology challenged the authority of the Pope of the
      Roman Catholic Church greatly.  
Martin Luther, an extremist through language and literature, created an uprising across Europe with only words.  His iconic “95 Thesis” struck
      the church deep and caused them to start taking action towards him and his writings.  Because of his bravery and very effective writing,
      Populates of all the provinces of Germany soon idolized Marin Luther; although, they wouldn’t have even known of Luther and his path towards 
      change unless he didn’t publicly reveal his writings through the mass production of his works with a printing press; this act labeled him as one 
      of the first major propagandists in all of the history of Germany and also Europe (10:50).  Martin Luther’s beliefs deeply touched all those 
      around him who were not the head of the Church or government.  He stated in his writing that there should be no man or being separating the 
      communication of a man and god; he believed that all people of the Christian religion are God’s priests (25:40).  
Martin Luther was somewhat of an activist towards his cause.  His disagreements with the German countries religion and government had brought
      anger and hate to his conscious. His determination gave him many titles that would be discovered after many years and studying his history, such 
      as an amazing author that writes simply, humorously, seriously, and wittingly; not only just an author, but his moving words made him to be 
      considered one of the most great emancipators of all time around the globe (53:19).  His path was not an easy one, for to be a true follower 
      under the true Christian Faith, one must expect to suffer, or like Martin Luther stated that everyone encounters evil or sin every single day,
      and that is just the way of life (8:35).  His works talked down the Pope and Church using simple, but very demeaning language, which attracted
      many followers.  With his efforts, the people of Germany came together and started to see the corruption of the Churches and the Pope.  	

However, things did go wrong towards the end. Even though he ended up surviving, the Church sent him the bill of exclamation, which condemns him to hell and eternal torture, which Luther completely ignored. Even though he was trying to make an ideal land of his theoretic true Christianity, and religious diversity was eventually created, mass chaos occurred in all of Germany, and eventually traveled over too many countries all over Europe. Physical destruction was obviously never Luther’s intention, but he realized it was out of his hands after they ignored his suggestion to step back from their social revolution, and instead reattempt the revolution of their souls and religion(45:20).

Dorian Hryniewicki

Word Count 517

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