Over the many years the Berlin Wall was intact, it was serving its purpose as a physical barrier, and eventually had to be remodeled, three times over the original design to be exact. I just find it amazing and kind of ridiculous on how much money the East German government was willing to spend on this wall. This was no fragile wall, this wall went from five feet tall, to ten feet of massive concrete segments that were impenetrable, but some East Germans made it their life mission to get to the other side of the Berlin Wall. Officially, the reason why the Berlin Wall was built was to keep anti-socialist influences out of East Berlin, but it is obviously known by many that the official story is clearly a cover up (20:25). I feel this case with the Berlin Wall was a great supporter of the saying “the grass is greener on the other side.” East Berliners’ were basically prisoners, not allowed to leave their own country, and shot down if attempted leaving. I can only imagine what it was like to be an East Berliner, just staring at the wall, day by day, with only the dream, and a tiny possibility of ever making it over to the West side; Or to be on West Germany’s side and feel safe and secure, while knowing other Germans, just like them, and maybe even related to them, are being held against their will.The emotions brought up by Eastern German populates are astonishing. Several conflicts arose in the video and created a lot of suspense at every introduction, such as the German and the American tanks threatening each other, the massive protests, and especially the several 1st hand interviews. These stories regarding interactions with Stasi, the GDR, and the dreaded border guards simply show just how difficult it was to escape from the East side of Germany, let alone just live there. The Berlin Wall held and built up its fortified appearance for almost about three decades, or twenty-eight years to be exact. There was a heavy influence from the United States to take down the Berlin Wall, and to probably most opinions, the United States played a large role in taking down the wall and unifying Germany. Even though Germany suddenly became unified and the Berlin Wall torn down, it was feared by politicians that the recently unstable East Germany would provoke a violent outbreak of some sort (52:15); when in actuality, based off my Oral Presentation, the German economy, mainly for the recent East Berliners, went into a steep decline where eventually West Germany had to bail out and support the East German community. In Germany today, there is unification between the East and West side, but there are some cultural differences. The history of the wall will never vanish and will remain a sad memory for all Germans. The wall has become millions of collector’s items, and there are several famous historic sites, such as the well-known Checkpoint Charlie, where many innocent people have been left to die and become a historic symbol of the gruesome history of the Berlin Wall.

Dorian Hryniewicki

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