Herkunft-- Origin of the German Shepherd


In 1889, Captain Max von Stephanitz began the standards for breeding today. When he visited the dog show in Karlsruhe in western Germany a yellow-and-gray wolflike dag caught his attention. He thought it possessed power, endurance, steadiness, and intelligence. He was a working sheepherder which he was born with the talent.

This dog, Hektor Linksrhein, was purchsed by von Stephanitz and renamed him Horand von Grafrath which became the first registered German Shepherd dog.

Von Stephanitz founded the Verein für Deutsch Schferhunde (German Shepherd Dog Club), becoming the first President of the club. He then set a standard for the breed based on mental stability and utility. He thought that beauty was secondary and that a dog was worthless if it lacked the intelligence, temperament, and structural efficiency that would make a good servant to man.

Von Stephanitz inbreed heavily on this one blood line with Horand and his offspring which concentrated undesirable recessive gene originating from the original strain. Von Stephanitz added unrelated herding blood into the breed through Audifax von Grafrath and Adalo von Grafrath


The first German Shepherd to come to America was in 1907. Mira von Offingen, imported by Otto Gross, was shown by H. Dalrymple, of Port Allegheny, Pennsylvania in the open class at Newcastle and Philadelphia. The first championships awarded German Shepherd Dogs was in 1913. During World War I, people of America thought of everything from Germany as a negative thing so the American Kennel Club changed the name of the breed as just the Shepherd Dog. In England, the name was changed to the Alsatian.

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