The Berlin Wall: More than Just a Division When Germany was divided into East and West Germany, it created not only controversy, tension, and anger, but it also created needs and crime. Because of East Germany’s poverty-stricken state the citizens of East Germany could not provide for their families and establish the basic necessities that are required to run either a family or even a single lifestyle. Therefore they were forced into illegally immigrating to West Germany, and either going above, below or through the Berlin Wall.

In the video, the narrator did a great job of explaining just exactly the people were forced to go through on a daily basis and what kind of toll it took, not only emotionally, but also physically and mentally.  To think about how I would personally react if I were put in a situation similar to what they went through, I would be frightened just from the idea of doing what they had to do.  The government in that time was not in any position to keep order because of the massive amount of chaos going on within the countries.  Because of the fact that the Socialist ideas were still lingering within the minds of the people and the government there was no stable form of government that the citizens could either respect or follow, which lead to the government taking extreme measures and the formation of the Stasis.  
Human rights was overall, the biggest problem for the people of East Germany at that time.  The steps taken to intentionally intrude on the majority of the East German citizens was appalling to me and left me dumbfounded as to why things didn’t get even more out of control.  In a country like the United States, if half of what went on at that time with the Stasis and East German government happened on U.S. soil, there would be another civil war without a doubt in my mind.  It angers me that so many innocent people who could not even provide for themselves because of the government were harassed, imprisoned and even murdered by that same government.  Granted, desperate times call for desperate measures, but at some point there needs to be a leader to speaks up and makes the rest of the government realize just exactly they were doing to not only the citizens, but to the country and more importantly, to the image of Germany from there on out.  Germany is known for a lot of great things: their culture, their food, their economics, etc., however if someone were to be taken off of the streets and asked what is the first thing that comes to mind when they think of Germany, the first two things most people would say is Adolf Hitler and the Berlin Wall.  This was such a bad stretch of time for Germany that lasted so long that it left a lasting imprint on peoples minds that will stay for generations and hopefully forever.  There are many things that people can take away from this that are good as well, but it stems from the mistakes that were made at that time in Germany’s history.  

Jake Steele, 527 words

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