The Reluctant Revolutionary

Martin Luther was an extremist where he was either really nice, really hateful, or he was really passionate. He started the uproar with his 95 thesis and then spread his words through the printing press (11:19). What he was arguing was that the church was a super power that was suppressing the average man, and that the Pope was the King of this power. The church has been taken over by crooks and the Church needed to be liberated (23:15). This is how he was a religious revolutionary, he read the Bible and found that there were only 2 sacraments and not seven and that the church was only taking and not giving back to the community that is the Holy Roman Empire, these were just examples of how the Church was taking over (23:40). A major part of the Roman Empire was Germany, however, Germany was several provinces ruled by their own Kings, Lords, and Princes (12:05). This was one of criticisms that Luther had for Germany because they are a separated nation and that they need to join together. Luther argued that much of Germany's money was going to the Church when Germany has an ever increasing poverty level (12:10). Also, the Church was demanding more money even though they were sitting on gold furniture, buying art and other goods, as well as eating healthy. Luther basically brought it to Germany's attention that they were being taken advantage of and that they needed to do something about it. Luther took the radical way of getting Germany to fight against the Church and that was to use steel against them rather than just words (13:50). He did this through his propaganda methods and showing the people of Germany that they do play a role in the running of the Church (14:13). Luther was also considered a social revolutionary, but by mistake. He stood up for what he believed in which was the dawning of a new era, a era where an ordinary man can stand up for what they believe in and not be afraid of the consequences for their beliefs (35:00). When Luther came back from hiding, the people have started to revolt completely against the Church (44:00). The people were taking over the town's legislation, taking the money from the Church, and also taking over the schools from the Church (44:00). This opened Luther's eyes that his ideas have become very radical (45:00). He then told the people to withhold their social uprising and that they should only be concerned about their souls, which is what he was trying to do (45:23). He wanted to cleans the Church, not exactly take the Church down. But, he preached of freedom of religion, where a man can stand up for the true word of God and not the word of the Church that was corrupted, and with the preaching of freedom, the people wanted complete freedom of religious practices (48:00). Martin Luther was a revolutionary that completely changed the social and religious ideals that Europe once possessed by standing up for what he believed.

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