The Wall: A World Divided Movie Reflection

The Wall: A World Divided outlined the emotions individuals, whether from East Germany, West Germany, or the US before, during, and after the life of the Berlin Wall.

The documentary captured just how important freedom and family are to the individual. Even before the construction of the Berlin Wall, East Berliners felt their freedom slipping away from them, explaining the staggering number of individuals using the subway or other means to reach West Berlin. As the wall was built, individuals upon individuals risked everything, their possessions, homes, and lives, in order to bring their families and themselves to freedom. Mattras, an East Berlin father, took the life of a young guard he stood in the way of their freedom. I could not imagine the fear and shock Germans felt as they witnessed the construction of the Berlin Wall. Taking only the time of a night’s sleep, life was completely altered. As the documentary explained, in detail, all aspects of the 4th generation Berlin Wall, my stomach dropped in the shock. I cannot imagine the emotions East Berliners felt living so close to such a fearsome structure.

“The Wall” outlined the misunderstandings shared between the government and its people. The socialistic government of East Berlin underestimated the capabilities of the people. The government passed a law allowing the processions of protestant church without the interference of the government. They believed churches would figuratively “dry up”. The outcome was quite opposite. Individuals embraced this freedom to discuss reform, the feminist movement, or environmental issues. This truly impressed me. It is funny just how naive the government was in thinking the people would react as they planned. Another funny misunderstanding was the destruction of the Berlin Wall. Because of the lack of proper communication made by a government official, the community was lead to believe the government was opening the gates for travel between socialistic and democratic land, thus there was no need for the wall. It is humorous that officials had not anticipated this reaction; therefore, guards were left without any orders. There was nothing anyone could do to stop the excitement and massive movement to tear down the wall. Such a huge act in history was cause of miscommunication, it was simply a mistake.

Before watching the film, I had not thought about the impact this had on Americans. Seeing the liberation of a once communistic land was quite exciting for the typical American. They saw it as the end and a victory of the cold war that had stretched over several decades. They wished President Bush shared the same view. As President Bush addressed the situation, he was absent of any emotion. He knew there was a greater challenge involved than just tearing down the wall. There would be a struggle in the integration of a once communistic government with a democratic form. More than that, the Soviets still possessed much control. Bush did not want the Russians to feel embarrassed or act as if it was a victory for their country in order the minimize any conflicts between the two nations. I really respect Bush for this consideration and strength in restraining his emotions in order to protect the country.

Overall, the documentary touched upon many emotions shared between Germans, as well as, surrounding nations, and revealed information that was shocking even for the viewer to hear.

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