A Separated Nation

Even though this has absolutely nothing to do with the movie, I have had a long week and have a completely negative outlook on life and society at the moment. So some things in this movie response may be slightly cynical.

I want to first comment on how long it took them to work on the first wall they built. About 6 or 7 minutes into the movie they show the wall being built and I must say I find it astounding how fast it was created. Although we know from some of the previous movies we have watched that this first wall was not very successful because citizens found many ways around it is incredible it was done in one night. My dad and brother work in construction, and I work at Kohls right now and we are doing a complete remodel at the store I’m at and I see how long it takes to put everything together. You realize how many people they had to have to build a wall around an entire city like that in just one night. But seeing the wall erected pisses me off.

It is not something new in this world to see people gaining control over one another, but this level of suppression disgusts me. There are so many times in history where people have been oppressed by a higher power, degraded, and taken advantage of. I absolutely despise people that believe they are better than anybody else. No one life is ever better or more valuable than another. We are all living breathing people created here without a choice, raised into a world with rules we just accept, and try to make the best out of what we have been given and we cannot seem to have any respect for that and try to peacefully coexist. I have absolutely no hope for this world when it comes to any sort of peace or agreements between countries, states, cities, and big businesses. There is always somebody out there who wants more, who believes he or she is entitled to more justice and power than everybody else. These are the type of people I would love to see eliminated from the face of the earth. I would much rather refuse to aid in building a wall and be murdered for it than participating in such an act that diminishes a person’s life to seem less worthy than others. And the fact that they kept families separated brings my blood to boiling point. Family is the single most important thing to me and seeing 11 minutes into the movie how families could only look at each other through the wall pissed me off. The lengths that some people went to, such as digging tunnels, shows me the determination and love some people have for their family. There was so much time and effort that was put into building a more effective wall and so much security and features used to keep people “in their place”. Imagine all of that man power and time that was wasted put into the “security” of a country, all of that time and power could have been invested into something more worthwhile for citizens. About a quarter way through the movie they talk about the Stazi and how they kept track of everybody. There was 81 miles worth of files on every citizen and their personal and private life. The government was clearly paranoid of rebellion and went to extreme lengths to prevent citizens from committing crimes that may have never happened. I’m happy that in the end all the citizens eventually realized that they can overpower the boarder guards and just crossed.

Michelle Chlebowski, 614

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