Martin Luther was a revolutionary of his time. His criticisms of German society at the time were not only religious in nature, but he also criticized the social aspect as well. His writings were focused on the church and their misleading information, but his writings could also be seen in a broader social sense. That is, individuals not only need to start following their own beliefs on God, but also their own beliefs period. Members of society needed to start believing in themselves period, instead of listening to a higher authority. What made his words so popular and wide spread was the fact that he, according to the video at 14:00, appealed to the common man. He built up an army of believers, which made his criticisms stronger than if he were to stand alone. That fact that the more the Pope and church tried to stop Martin Luther, the more empowerment he felt. According to the video at 7:00, Luther did not care about his excommunication. The fact that he did not care and the everyday common folks shared his viewpoint, made him that much more powerful. His criticisms of the Pope included his corruption and misuse of power. He also argued that the people attending church were being misled by its teachings. Popes and councils had been contradictory of their teachings. Luther wrote a whole new way of thinking.
He continued to write after the 95 Theses, talking about how the church has been taken over by the crooks of society, and that it must be reformed. Luther went from a critic to a revolutionary, inciting change from all of his followers. Luther also argued that the church made up sacraments. According to Luther, there were only two. At 26:00 in the video, it is argued that Luther opened up a whole new way to look at the relationship between God and the individual. His new way of thinking affected the people, and it was compared to by a speaker in the video to pipes bringing water to the people. Luther essentially cut out the middle man, the pipes, bringing religion, water in the metaphor, to the individual. The individual began to think for themselves instead of believing all that the church wanted them to believe. Overall, I think Martin Luther is someone to learn from. He stood up for what he believed in, and he brought about a new way of thinking to those who had been so blindly following and close minded. His appeal to the common man, as he was a common man himself, is what made his criticisms and how to change German society so widely accepted. His determination and drive is something to be admired. Luther received an order to stop all writings and take down the 95 Theses. He refused and, as a result, was presented with an order of excommunication. Still, he did not stop the spreading of his beliefs. They became so wide spread; his cause went from a small scale to a larger scale revolution amongst the people. He was told he must recant everything he had written, and still, Luther did not. He was only following what he believed to be the true word of God.

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