*My Reaction to the Wall* History is typically not something I know much about. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t know very much about the Berlin Wall at all before taking German class. However, I did find this documentary very informative, and I had a lot of thoughts and emotions while watching the film. Three specific themes that kept coming to mind while watching the film were my surprise at the East German government’s control over its citizens, my confusion over America’s involvement in the situation in Germany, and my shock that the Berlin Wall came down so quickly and by mistake. First of all, I was very shocked that the government in East Germany had so much control over its citizens. The story about the people who could no longer go out their front door surprised me very much, because it is something I cannot even fathom happening in America (about 7:00). Also, the idea that the government kept so many files on individuals was terrifying to me, and made me question whether or not the United States would ever be capable of such an invasion of privacy (about 23:40). Also, the amount of control that the government had in manipulating people’s futures and lives was shocking and scary to me (about 24:05). It made me realize, that I honestly do not know how much our government knows about us, and how much they control. I wish there was an easy way to figure out these things. I also cannot believe that a protest of nearly 70,000 people was what it took for the East German government to allow public protest (about 44:50). Being in America where free speech has been allowed for a long time, it’s hard to believe that nearly in my lifetime. Secondly, I was confused at America’s involvement in East Berlin. I know that the U.S. had a great interest in West Berlin after the war, and perhaps that is why they decided to try so hard to liberate East Berlin (around 4:00). But I also wonder why the U.S. was so involved in Berlin. I know that President Bush received criticism for not being involved enough, but I am not sure that I would expect him to be more involved (about 33:30). I also think his reaction to the wall coming down was a responsible one. I was proud that he chose not to celebrate it as a victory, which seemed like the appropriate one, and one that not many Americans would have taken at the time (about 50:00). The final thing that surprised me was that the Berlin Wall was such an important landmark at the time, politically, economically, and socially, yet it came down as an accident (about 46:50). I can hardly believe that one man’s words were enough to bring this wall down within hours about (47:30). There is a lot about this film that I found informative and shocking, specifically the control that the government had over citizens, America’s involvement in Germany, and the speed in which the Berlin Wall was brought down. This recent part of history is something that I never knew much about, but now I feel that I can understand the history behind it and the impact that it has today. Bush, Gorbachev And Kohl Celebrate 20 Year Anniversary of the Fall Of The Berlin Wall

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