Die Umwelt: The environment

Die Regierung: The government

Die Zukunft: The future

Die Welt: The world

Das Gesetz: The Law

German Overview

Die Deutschen lieben die Natur. Sie Wandern und spazieren. Nicht sitzen und fernsehen. Die Deutschen wollen die natürliche Umwelt helfen. Das BfN ist in 1993 geworden. Das BfN ist eine Naturschutzbehörde, dass die Regierung Probleme mit der Natur helfen. Das BfN will Leute freundlich mit der Umwelt sein. Deutschland denkt an die Zukunft, weil gibt es viel globalen Erwärmung. Deutschland ist ein umweltfreundliches Land. Sie lernst Kinder über der Umwelt und Natur. Sie haben eine grosse Bibliotek mit viele Bücher über der Umwelt und der Welt. Sie möchten neue Umweltgesetze machen.

The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (Bundesamt für Naturschutz, BfN)

The BfN is the central scientific authority of the German federal government for both national and international nature conservation. The agency reports to the German Environment Ministry and has key enforcement functions under international species conservation agreements, marine conservation law, the Antarctic Treaty and the German Genetic Engineering Act.

The mission of the agency is to create a way to integrate conservation into everyday life: culturally, socially and economically. This is the agency’s most prominent concern because in today’s economical culture, especially in America, taking a stance on natural conservation has to come at the cost of economic development. But when you integrate conservation and economic growth you don’t have to choose one over the other as we have been taught to believe. Germany has been known to use conservation as a drive for sustainable economic development. The agency is continuously creating programs and standards for these activities. Germany has developed a way for natural conservation to work in a modern society’s needs.

The BfN was officially created in August 1993. It was formed out of several other agencies, such as the Federal Research Centre for Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology and from species protection boards of the Federal Nutrition and Forestry Agency as well as being assigned species protection functions from the Federal Economic Agency. The agency is based in Bonn and has Leipzig and on the island of Vilm. The BfN has a total of around 290 employees.

At it’s very core, the BfN does several important things,

• Advises the Federal Government

• Supports federal development programs

• Approves imports and exports that deal with protected animal or plant species

• Conducts research

• Provides information about the results of said research

Overall the BfN is a reliable source of information when it comes to scientific research on conservation and landscape management for not only Germany, but as well as the rest of the world. The agency is also a part of the UNESCO program “Mankind and the Biosphere”.




Information and Education

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