A Nation Divided

Many uninformed people assume that the Berlin Wall is really what the name implies: a wall. In reality though, the Berlin wall is more of a series of obstacles to keep civilians on one side or the other. When speaking of the Berlin Wall though, is it the wall itself that impacted history, or is it the people affected and the way their actions impacted the Wall's existence? It is unbelievable how a wall splitting a single country can affect just about every other, bringing the countries together to crumble the horrid cement barricade.

The only way to get over the wall was to go under, over, or around, and when considering that man in the late twentieth century were able to create an undefeatable wall is unsettling. Those who attempted to go under had to face weeks of digging in the dark tunnels, being silent when soldiers passed by on foot above. The plan of this underground passage began to be effective, but ended with deceit. The Stazi, or secret police, could easily put an undercover agent into the common civilian life undetected and reveal themselves when corrupted activity has been detected. Learning how easily this can be done is a frightful notion; just imagining that in times of repression everyone you know or see or come to trust could be working as an undercover agent and turn you in at any moment they see resistance. In the underground way by the wall this is what happened: the people running the system worked with what they reluctantly found out to be the undercover agents who would later turn down the underground method.

The wall also brought about the survival of the fittest; this was exhibited by a man who had to shoot a soldier in order to save his family; to upset his moral values to preserve everything he stands for. This situation brings people to question as to if they were in said man's shoes. Would people be able to go against morale values as well, take leadership to decide the fate of one life over another, or be a follower and let fate decide the ultimate outcome? Many had to initiate actions that were once inconceivable prior to the wall. Sometimes it is unfortunately necessary to have a great divide amongst the people, similar to the Berlin Wall, in order to see the true character of mankind, to see how beliefs and characters are upheld and disrupted in order to preserve the true importance in man's life. When freedom is tested, many historical events show to what extent man will go in order to either keep or retain their freedoms.

It is eerie to see how fast something that changed history so much could have been erected literally overnight. To wake up the morning after the day when a nation was one unit to see that it is now divided so drastically that some civilians had their own homes divided within and had to resort to jumping down from windows. Waking to find that everything that is familiar is now alien; like waking up in a foreign land or repression. It is also unbelievable to see how fast that such a state could be reversed so quickly. Overall, everything that man knows and has come to understand can be so easily altered, and order can be cast to chaos in literally a single night. A stable society is truly so fragile.

Scott Bishop Words: 577

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