Their Wall and Our Wall

The Wall has been a crucial part to understanding how Germany has developed as a unified country. We look to Germany today in high regard, whether it be their stance on economics, engineering or their “green” policies. Germany has gone through much strife though to get itself to the state that we now view it today. The Berlin Wall is a prime example to learn how we as a society can still make mistakes and ride a dangerous line. We may see the Wall has some part of tragic history that could never be repeated, the “evil” ideas of a struggling communist nation fighting to keep itself afloat. The issue is we still struggle in the United States with dangerous ideas of segregation of different ideologies. If we look at our current struggle to police our borders from Mexico and you can see similarities under the veil. Though Mexico is not a communistic political structure like East Germany was, the relative proximity to a prosperous country right in your backyard means that you can make a better life for yourself or your family. This is the largest problem that East German state faced, and the causation of the barrier between east and west was the low standard of living. As it became obvious that the communistic style of life did not allow for an individual to make a good living then people wanted to move where they could. We see this with the immigration between Mexico and the US yet we have still fallen down a similar path of walling off our borders. We battle with this conflict the same way the East Germans kept their population contained yet we are callous enough to believe that we are solving the problem the right way. We can learn a lot from the Berlin Wall to help us today that we have to look at the underlying issue of why people want to leave Mexico, not how to keep them out. Mexico is one of our greater trade partners, as well as a region for great industrial expansion, so if we can spend our resources that we use to patrol our borders and put that to use into stabilizing their local economy we can not only make great economic leaps, but increase the standard of living and opportunities so that people are less likely to spend their life savings to try dangerously cross the border. It may not seem that our situation is the same in which Germany faced with the Berlin Wall, but we as a country tend to be blind in belief that what we do is correct. We may be one of the longest standing democracies, but we do not share many of the scars of learning that other areas faced. We can learn from the Germans about the dangers of speeches, the dangers of automation and separation. The wall between East and West Berlin was not just a wall, it was a statement. How do we want to make our statement to the world about how we handle our neighbors? We only have two and we outcast one.

-Wordcount: 520 -By: Zack Johnson

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