German Stereotypes

Love to Drink Beer

While we all know that the drinking age for beer in German is fifteen years old, many Americans believe that Germans are constantly drinking beer at every waking moment. Yes, it’s true that Germans love their beer. If you ask anyone who’s been to Germany, they’ll tell you that Germany does in fact, have great beer. We all know that Germany is home to Oktoberfest. Every year around six million people visit Oktoberfest is Germany. Germans are very proud of their beer that much is true. Germans are the fifth largest producers of beer, and the third largest consumers of beer in the world. But to say that all Germans love to drink beer all the time is one of the biggest stereotypes of all.

Die Wurst

Weißwurst, Bratwurst, Jagdwurst, Mettwurst,Blutwurst, Leberwurst. There are many types of meats that the Germans love to eat, with any meal throughout the day. Another known stereotype of Germans is that they all eat meat these types of meats or sausages all the time, everyday. That is not true. The meat consumption in Germany is astonishing and probably the reason that led to the stereotype: in average a standard household in Germany eats 36 kilos of meat per year and almost 50% are sausages. While this is all true, not everyone in Germany eats sausage, or any kind of meat. Surprisingly enough, there are people in Germany who are vegetarians, or who just don’t enjoy meat in general.

Rude with No Sense of Humor

I had no idea before doing my research for this presentation that this was even a stereotype of Germans. It’s always been to my knowledge that Germans were very friendly people, based on what I’ve learned in previous German classes. Based on the now three different German teachers I’ve had in my life, I would have to say that this is a big old myth. Even the few students that I’ve met from Germany were the furthest thing from rude and not having any sense of humor. Now, it may be that the Germans are a little stiffer than Americans when it comes to their humor, but to say that German’s are rude with no sense of humor is a very large stereotype.

They Love their Cars

When it comes to Germany, anyone who isn’t familiar with the German culture thinks that they have a weird obsession with cars, and that they all drive nice German made cars. It’s no secret that the German’s do produce some very nice cars, such as Volkswagen and BMW’s. Though they produce the cars, they in fact don’t all drive these nice cars. We learned in class the other day that many German’s ride their bikes everywhere as opposed to their cars. This is because unlike many Americans, the Germans make a great effort to keep their environment clean. Not only that, but the price of gasoline very expensive. To say that Germans all love to drive their cars everywhere is yet again, a big myth. Most Germans love riding their bikes, if at all possible.






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