29. Januar, Ryan: European Union

29. Januar, Sam: German Food

31. Januar, Wes: Lion of Lucerne

3. Februar, Tyler S.: German Stereotypes

5. Februar, Brian: Black Forest

5. Februar, Grace: Christmas Market

10. Februar, Lily: School System

10. Februar, Kye: Technologie Discoveries during WWII

12. Februar, Danielle: Grimm Brothers

14. Februar, Emma: Das Boot

17. Februar, Kento: German Immigrants in US

19. Februar, Eric: VW

21. Februar, Nicholas: European Union II

26. Februar, Colleen: Mozart

26. Februar, Alex: Bertholt Brecht

28. Februar, James: Christmas

3. März, Tyler D.: Otto von Bismark

5. März, Joe: Hitler and his love for art

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