WW2 Technology of Germany


-Invented the first assault rifle (StG 44, Sturmgewehr). These weapons replaced bolt-lock weapons, and introducing firing single shots, triple shots, or continuous fire. The cartridges were easy to reload and offered a reliable stream of fire.

-MP 40 submachine gun. Could shoot a lot without much recoil (jolting kick that ruins aiming)

-Germans had tanks that were better than every other tank in WW2, except Russia’s T-34. German tanks were full of armor and had better weapons than their enemies.

-Developed the first fighter jet. Messerschmitt Me 262. An amazing aircraft. It could bomb, gather info, and survive night fighting. These aircraft got 542 Ally kills.

-Developed the first cruise missiles and rocket-powered missiles.

-The V-2 A4 rocket was the first man-made object to reach outer space. October 3, 1942. It could travel 118 miles, arc down, and hit targets going 4000 mph. -Night Vision Goggles. They sent non-visible infrared light out that could be translated by the glasses into green-dark green images. Had a range of up to 600 m (or 2 football fields).

-Radar Detectors. These were fitted to submarines to alert for planes.


-Dora and Gustav Rail cannons. These were so big they had to be moved over 2 train tracks. They fired rounds that weighed 11,000 lbs, and took 4000 men to construct. It could penetrate over 100 ft of solid rock to destroy targets behind it. This is the biggest cannon the world has ever known. Germany was serious about winning this war.

-The V3 cannon (Vergeltungswaffe (England Cannon) was built into a hill and could fire rounds from France across the English Channel to London.

-Goliath Track Mine. These were remote-controlled mini tanks that carried 165 lb bombs to their targets. Not an effective version, these things probably started the ideas for drone strikes.


-Plastics were made by the Nazi Germany. Plexiglas is one example.

-Had active televisions for the 1936 Olympics. Television wasn’t popular in the U.S. until the 1950s.

-The snorkel!

-Banned vivisection (which is torturous testing on animals). The full ban started in 1933, but they switched to humans instead.

-Established animal protection laws to save German animals from being over-hunted.

-Hitler was wildly opposed to smoking, so he ran an expensive anti-cigarette campaign.

-They had one of the best welfare systems ever. Though funded by stealing from enemies, the German belief that all Germans deserved a good standard of living led to the development of this welfare, where even high-ranking officers would take to the streets to collect donations. All a great German support and propaganda tool, though I don’t think taking care of your people is propaganda.

-The Volkswagen!! This means ‘People’s Car’. VW made civilian and military vehicles, and is quite trendy in Naperville today. It started as a car that German citizens could easily afford. This car helped build the German economy and ultimately fund the war. At the end of the war, with limited materials the car was hard to find. VW focused more on military vehicles.

-Built the best system of roadways at the time, which led to the construction of the Autobahn. This road system produced 100,000 jobs and gave people car access to all of Germany. These roads were aircraft runways and even held Grand Prix practice.

-Wernher Von Braun invented modern rockets. He worked for Germany and the US.

-The first magnetic tape film device was made for the Germans, and the first recording was a speech of Hitler.

-Did extensive research on Hypothermia due to the torture they enacted on Holocaust victims.

-Invented the first sex doll as a way to aid troops in the field and prevent them from relying on prostitutes. It was labeled as a field-hygienic project. Its name was Borghild.

-Modern sewer treatment facilities.

-The drug Methadone which was used as a pain killer.


-Foo Fighter aircraft resembled UFOs and were said to be able to hover and track the exhaust of other aircraft. Victor Schauberger was an Austrian inventor for Germany who supposedly designed many disc crafts. They did not use conventional propulsion, and floated and flew using of form of Electromagnetism called diamagnetism. After WWII, reports of UFO activity increased in the US and in Britain.

-The Bell ‘Die Glocke’ was a design inspired by Nikola Tesla’s information and was said to create anti-gravity fields.

-With Project PaperClip, 88 German scientists were brought to the United States to aid in research. Rocket and weapon technology was worked on. These scientists also aided in the arms race against the Soviet Union during the Cold War.









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